Grievance redressal and
disciplinary policy

Policy Statement

The Grievance Redressal procedure at Ramesh Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd aims to reinforce the organization’s commitment towards providing fair and equitable work opportunities to all employees. The objective of the grievance resolution process is to provide employees with an easily accessible mechanism for settlement of their individual grievances. This policy applies to all staff of Ramesh Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd and those of Partner organizations who are in a relationship with Ramesh Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd.

For the purpose of the policy, Grievances “means individual grievance and includes all matters but excludes the following:

  • Annual performance appraisal
  • Grievance pertaining to, or arising out of, disciplinary action or appeal against such actions.
  • Grievance arising out of termination/dismissal

Grievance Redressal Procedure

The following process should be followed for expressing and seeking Redressal to a grievance;

Employees may communicate their grievance in writing to their Line Managers while at the same time, addressing a copy to the HR manager. In case the grievance involves the Line manager, then the employee can contact the Line Manager’s manager, while simultaneously copying the HR manager

The concerned manager must immediately acknowledge receipt of the grievance in writing informing the employee of the receipt of grievance and inviting the employee for a formal meeting. Managers may consult with the HR manager and revert to the employee with a course of action/ solution within 7 working days from the date of receipt of grievance

In case an employee is not satisfied with the solution, the employee may choose to represent the grievance to Director Operations (or the M D), if the grievance concerns the Director Operations).

The Staff member will convey their decision to the aggrieved employee through the HR manager within 5 days of receipt of the complaint. If however.

The Grievance Resolution Committee will give their recommendation to the Staff member within 4 working days. The Staff member will take a decision based on this recommendation and communicate their decision through the HR Manager to the aggrieved employee within 15 working days from commencement of inquiry

Grievances will be treated with utmost confidentiality and sensitivity.

Human Resources shall maintain a record all grievances referred to the Grievance Resolution Committee, number of grievances settled/ pending and report to the Senior Management Team on a quarterly basis.